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Venice Flash Map
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  よこそベニスへ , 22 11 1279:   Il parroco di Santa Maria di Codroipo nel Friuli propone un suo sistema per --->>


and Printable Venice Map
Great virtual tour of Venice

Venice Giudecca Map
Venice Giudecca Map
Venice Murano Map
Venice Murano Map
Venice Burano Map
Venice Burano Map

Venice Piazzale Roma Map
Venice Piazzale Roma Map
Venice San Michele Map
Venice San Michele Map

Venice Lido Map
Venice Lido Map

旅程地図 マップ は町と主要島の道や運河です.
右にある赤いボタンは毎sheetに役に立つサービスの場所 を見せる.

Map of Venice and of Her Islands

The maps display all streets and waterways of Venice and main Islands.

These Venice Maps are very particular, and they allow many types of research about the city of Venice: you can locate almost any kind of service: schools, hotels, restaurants, shops, pharmacies are at your fingertip.

But this is not all, on the map of Venice and on those of Lido, Giudecca, Murano, Burano and Torcello, you can obtain a location by civic number or name of the street as well as the exact indication of almost all Venice Monuments, Churches, Palaces and of the most important Artworks.

Just below each sheet of the above-said maps of Venice and Islands, you will see a photogallery of views and details that are situated in the ray of 400 metres from the place pointed by the red spot.

A yellow spot will mark the two nearest Venice bus boat stops when youll'ask for. When one of these would be out of the present sheet, you'll see one of the eight navigation arrows start blinking, to drive you back to the map sheet you started from.
This function will help you to navigate around the Venice map and come back to the point you have choosen.

To move fast inside each Map, point the desired area in the small navigation map above.

Venice Map Postcards.

Each sheet of the maps of Venice, Lido, Giudecca, Murano and Burano-Torcello is dispatchable as an Internet postcard, allowing you to signal to friends or customers the exact location of almost anything you might want in Venice.
You just have to use the small green menu you'll see on the top-left of the map sheet.
On top-right a zoom menu is provided.
When in zoom out, you can activate a draggable lens to enlarge street names. Enjoy!.